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“Because I am tired of being called stupid.”

This is a very busy time of year for us at the Literacy Coalition. Here is a story of one of our students from a previous newsletter we thought you would find interesting.

“Because I am tired of being call stupid.” That was Angie’s answer when I asked her why she walked 22 blocks each way to meet her tutor at the Literacy Coalition office. It was 44 block round trip, every Tuesday and every Thursday. Eighty-eight blocks a week in the heat of August and the freezing cold and ice of February, and all the different types of Indiana weather in between.

When I heard how much effort she was putting into just getting here I was curious so I had to ask her what motivated her to do it. Her answer was simple, direct, and made me thankful there was a place locally for someone like Angie to go so she could overcome a lifetime of negative comments, lack of support, and consequentially, terrible self-esteem. I was happy to know I was being a small part of the answer.

Over the years hundreds of people right here in Howard County have come to the Literacy Coalition for help improving their literacy skills, everything from getting a driver’s license, learning to read, learning to speak English, or preparing for their GED exam. Hundreds of your friends, neighbors, and coworkers have received a second chance at learning. Angie’s answer is not unusual.

Think about this. What in your life is so important that you would make this kind of effort for twice a week regardless of the weather? 88 blocks every week of the year!

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