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Hard Work = Success!

Mark (not his real name) came to us several years ago to help improve his reading comprehension. His goal was to pass the employment test at Subaru. After a few weeks of study, he was successful and obtained a job as a temporary employee. Rather than just stop his education he saw the value of continuing his ongoing tutoring at the Literacy Coalition.

Over the past few years, we have seen Mark accomplish some great things in his life such as:

· Becoming a full-time employee

· Falling in love and marrying a woman supervisor at his plant

· Becoming a father

· The two of them starting their own art business

· Buying a house and starting a family

It has been great to be a small part of his achievements. To this day he is still active in our program and he and his wife support the Literacy Coalition financially with a designated donation from the United Way of Lafayette annual campaign.

Mark is not alone in his dedication to self-improvement. Many of our students succeed in realizing their dreams after studying at the Literacy Coalition.

You can be a part of their stories. Volunteer to become a tutor and help someone improve their literacy skills. If you cannot do that, make a donation to enable other students and volunteers to make dreams come true.

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