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More Tips to Recognize Struggling Readers

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

We are often ask if there are ways to tell if an employee, a friend, or a family member is struggling to read. We've put together a list of 33 clues that might indicate a struggling reader. Here are clues 12-12 that might tip you off.

12. Making mistakes when following written instructions in writing, such as when trying to fill a written order.

13. Often mispronouncing or misusing words.

14. When giving directions somewhere, describing landmarks rather than signs or asking for a visual map rather than written directions.

15. Asking for directions when there are clearly marked instructions.

16. Asking for verbal instructions about what needs to be done, even when instructions are available in writing.

17. Employee resistance to changes, especially computerization.

18. Apparent and unnecessary collaboration with fellow employees immediately after assignments.

19. Confrontation when given written assignments, particularly when a situation is easily resolved with oral explanation.

20. Refuse a promotion when one obviously has the talent to do it.

21. Slow performance immediately after receiving a new assignment.

22. Having a short attention span.

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