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Reading Rabbits

We have a program called Reading Rabbits that partners with parents with children enrolled in Head Start. Early Head Start, and Bona Vista's Keys for Kids programs. Reading Rabbits parents sign a contract stating that they will read books we provide to them to their children each month.

Reading to children provides more than just a wonderful educational experience for the child but also a priceless bonding experience as well. through the first nine months of 2021, we have given these children books with a retail value of over $31,000.00. By buying in volume and because we are giving the books away for free we are able to buy them much cheaper than that.

Much of the funding for this program comes from Center Township in Howard County. We want to thank them for their support of this program. We also want to thank our partner agencies, Head Start and Bona Vista for distributing the books each month for us.

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