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We Need Your Help

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Since 1991 the Literacy Coalition and the Howard County United Way have worked together to improve the literacy skills of local adults. The volunteers and staff of the Coalition have helped hundreds improve their reading skills, learn to speak English, and pass the HSE/GED exams over those years. Much of that was made possible with funds you donated to the United Way and they allocated to us each month. It was a great match.

Over the years as we have given speeches at local employers we often have said if the United Way Campaign fails, it won’t be long before you see the Literacy Coalition close our doors as we depend upon their financial support. The United Way Campaign has not failed but unfortunately for us, their funding model and priorities changed. Beginning this month (July 2021) we no longer receive support from their campaign.

We need everyone to know that if you want to support our work now and into the future, we need you to make donations directly to our agency. There are several ways you can help us sustain the work of our tutors and students.

#1. Would be to set up your checking account to send us a check every month until you decide to stop. So if you would normally write a $100.00 check sign up instead to donate $10 a month. If you donate $500 consider doing $50 a month. This gives you total control of your donation and helps us even out our income so we can budget accordingly. Have the checks sent to The Literacy Coalition, 901 S. Courtland Ave., Kokomo, In. 46901. If you need an account just use 001.

#2. Would be a one-time donation or annual donation. Just mail a check to the above address.

#3. Make a donation online. We list this as number three because online donations cost us bank fees so we do not get the total amount of your gift. It is quick and convenient and you can do so easily by hitting the donate button on this page.

We need your support more than ever! Please give today.

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