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Businesses and nonprofits often join forces to improve the communities in which they exist. Through their unique sets of skills and resources, these partnerships enable both organizations to expand their reach, generate revenue, and better serve their customers and communities. Leveraging a business’s expertise and reach can also help nonprofits achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. But while the potential benefits of business-nonprofit partnerships are numerous, many organizations struggle to find the right fit.

That’s where strategic partnerships come in. They offer businesses a way to identify, assess, and work with the most appropriate partners. By developing a more thorough understanding of their partners’ needs, businesses can better focus their time and resources on the mission.

Because strategic partnerships are customized to meet the unique goals and needs of each organization, they tend to be more effective than generic business-development programs. That said, businesses that choose to work with nonprofits are typically looking for more than just a partnership. They’re looking for a meaningful connection that will lead to long-term growth and success. And in return, nonprofits are looking for opportunities to expand their reach and impact, increase revenue, and better serve their communities.

One of the best ways to collaborate is to have your employees volunteer to serve on a nonprofit's board of directors. Boards are where nonprofits often find real value in partnering with businesses. They provide the nonprofit with a set of fresh eyes, new perspectives, and unique skills, and can help them better leverage the expertise of the business.

In other words, strategic partnerships are a win-win for both organizations. They help businesses promote goodwill with employees, build a more positive corporate culture, and strengthen relationships with customers and other stakeholders. They also help nonprofits expand their reach and impact, increase revenue, and better serve their communities.

The Literacy Coalition is constantly seeking out new strategic partnerships with local businesses. We offer opportunities for you or your employees to serve:

1. on our board of directors which will give leadership and community exposure while expanding the network of professional contacts locally. For others who want less of a commitment serving on a board committee might be a better fit.

2. collaborate on employee service days which can be so important in team building. This can be valuable in employees recruitment and retention.

3. as volunteers at a fundraising event. Build a sense of purpose and camaraderie among your staff while increasing business visibility.

There are many more ways that a business can work collaboratively with the Literacy Coalition and we welcome your interest. If you are interested call our office at 765-450-8532 for more information.

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