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Who Taught You to Read

Who taught you to read as a child? Was it your mother? Your father? A grandparent? Maybe it was your first grade teacher. Think about the time they invested in you to teach you to master the art of reading.Think of all the successes in your life and how many would never happen if that wonderful person had not taken their time to teach you this fantastic skill.

At the Literacy Coalition we work with adults who struggle with reading. Sometimes it is because they didn't have that wonderful adult get them started. Often they have a learning disability that makes it more difficult for them to learn to read.

We see how not being able to read proficiently affects all aspects of their life. It becomes a barrier to almost any later success. That is what makes the work of all of our volunteer tutors so important. They help their students break down the barriers that have held them back for so long. They truly change lives.

So think about who gave you the gift of reading. If you can, thank them. It is probably the most important gift you have ever received.

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