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Adult Literacy Makes Stronger Communities

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The ability to read is a fundamental skill that enables people to learn, think critically, and participate fully in society. Research shows that adults who improve their literacy skills have better academic success, higher-paying jobs, and more opportunities to contribute to their communities. Unfortunately, adult literacy programs are often underfunded and lack political will, which makes it difficult to provide the high-quality instruction that people need to advance their careers, further their education, and be able to read the news, vote, and participate in civic life. That is why we need to improve access to adult education, increase the supply of high-quality programs, and increase the political will to scale up proven programs that work.

A recent study found that adults who improve their literacy have greater earning potential, which translates into higher-paying jobs and greater access to higher-quality employment. Adults who read are better parents. A survey found that parents who read to their children more often are more involved in their children’s lives and provide them with a stronger foundation for future learning.

One of the limitations to the work of the Literacy Coalition in Howard County is the lack of volunteer tutors. We have students waiting to have there own one-to-one tutor. Another barrier is limited financial resources. If you have the time and the ability to teach a low level reader, call us at 765-450-8532. If you cannot please consider making a financial contribution to support our work in the community. Just hit the donate button to make a safe investment in our community.

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