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Eight Questions From Students

Here are some of the frequently asked questions from potential students.

Q# 1 Does your service cost money?

A# 1 No, all of our services are free.

Q# 2 Do I have to attend classes?

A# 2 No. Most of our students are matched with a tutor who meets with them one on one to help them meet their literacy goals. Other students decide to work independently on computers at our center or using an online app on their smartphones. We do occasionally offer small group activities to supplement normal instruction.

Q# 3 My work schedule changes every week making it impossible to keep regular appointments. Is there a way I can still get instruction?

A# 3 We do offer an app with over 900 English and math lessons that our students can access from their smartphones. Most of these lessons take between 10-15 minutes. This allows our students to get the lessons they need whenever and wherever they have a few minutes to spare. The app will pretest users and automatically enroll them at their appropriate level. Lessons range from all K-12 grade levels.

Q# 4 I feel embarrassed that my reading isn’t better. I am not sure I want others to know I am asking for help, is there a way I can keep my instruction private?

A# 4 We work every day with adults who struggle with reading or math. We do not judge you but are excited to help you achieve your goals. We will sign an agreement promising never to allow the use of your name or picture outside of our agency. Our tutors also sign the same agreement so no one needs to know you are coming here.

Q# 5 How long will it take me to get my GED?

A# 5 The GED is now the TASC in Indiana. How long it will take depends upon what grade level you start at, how much time you can work at it, and how fast you learn. There is no easy answer to this question. We will say you will not be slowed down by learning things you do not need to pass the test, things you already know, or by any class schedule.

Q# 6 Can I take the TASC (GED) test at your office?

A# 6 No, you have to go to a state-licensed testing facility. In Howard County that is at the Kokomo Career Center at Kokomo High School.

Q# 7 What if I cannot afford to pay to take the TASC test, will you pay for it?

A# 7 No, but if you score high enough on our assessment test that we believe you will pass we will search for others who can help you.

Q# 8 I have a friend who just moved to the United States and speaks very little English. Can you help her?

A# 8 Yes, we help others learn to speak and write English. They can get a tutor and work together to improve their skills.

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